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3D Lenticular Photographic Prints

Stereographic Photographs

My 3D Lenticular prints  can be viewed in 3D without any special viewers or glasses, just like a conventional photograph. They are very much intended for the collector or business that likes to own a real, personal and  unique genre of photographic artwork  that can be displayed and viewed  conventionally in their home or office space.

As it is not possible to show lenticular prints on the internet in their true form I hope the animated images give some idea of the 3 dimensional range of my finished prints. Although the animations are a poor relation of my  Fine Art Lenticular Prints, I hope you will find them informative in as much as that they convey the style and subject matter that I concentrate on with my 3D Photographic work.

Prints are only available as either limited editions or one off commissions. In order to maintain the highest technical and artistic merit, all aspects of the  process are done by myself, from the initial photography to the final printing,  All works are printed using photographic quality high resolution Epson printers with archival inks and high quality papers and are then combined with the best possible 3D Lenticular material.

Please contact me directly for further information on sales and commissions.



My Stereoscopic Photographs are available as postcard boxed sets complete with fold flat viewer. As with all my photographic work image quality is always paramount, so the cards are  individually made, digital photographic prints. In order to maintain the highest quality I restrict  output of prints to Limited Edition sets and commissioned work.

I am also able to produce Stereoscopic digital images for viewing on 3D monitors or screens. These are particularly useful in an educational context and many options are available.