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Photo Hyperrealism

Photo Hyperrealism, in common with the established artistic Hyperrealism genre, means textures, surfaces, lighting, and shadows are clearer and more distinct than in a conventional  photograph.

My completed images are composites created from photo hyperrealistic master images shot using a unique, fully portable,  synchronized multiple camera rig. By using synchronized cameras I can capture the transient or moving subjects in the master images at precisely the same point in time while having different settings on each camera.

Much the same as an artist considers the composition as a whole, while also giving specific individual aspects of the scene a great deal of attention, I select the lenses appropriate to the overall scene and then optimize each camera's settings for each specific element within that scene. By using manual exposures, different filters and points of focus specific to each element, I have almost complete control over how each constituent part of the completed Photo Hyperrealistic scene is realized.

My current project explores the boundaries between reality and fiction in photographic images, when in both cases it no longer follows the rules of conventional photography.